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SDP (Single Determined President)

May 24, 2013

I’ve heard a number of Democrats express disappointment with President Obama’s term in office, and I can empathize. When you place all your hopes and dreams in one person and they don’t live up to your expectations, it can be demoralizing. As a default Democrat I was under no such illusions. One person can make significant (positive) change in the world, but it’s been some time since that person sat in the Oval Office. It takes a certain amount of compromise, both internal and external, to gain the Presidency; we’re currently seeing this play out in Obama’s decisions and rulings.

There’s also significant risk in becoming President. Four have been assassinated while six have survived such attempts. What’s unknown is the quantity of threats received by the President – and his family – and how these affect his decision-making process.

A single President hasn’t been elected since Grover Cleveland left office in 1897. Every President has had children since William McKinley, whose daughters died in infancy (circa 1875).

I must assume, Secret Service nonwithstanding, that every President has been concerned for the safety and well-being of his family. I further assume this concern must affect their behavior and decisions. Maybe it’s on an unconscious level, but I don’t think any American President has been ‘all-in’ since JFK.

Look what happened to his family.

The time has come for a single, determined President to step forward and dedicate his (or her) life to this country. This is a time for risk and drastic measures, not pacification and diplomacy. This is a time to stand up for our beliefs and accept the consequences. It’s the only way (positive) change ever happens.

It won’t be pretty. Can you imagine the fallout, had Obama accepted Monsanto’s campaign contributions and then told them to go stuff it? Can you imagine if he banned fracking and truly pushed for energy reform? If he released (purportedly) shelved technology to the general public? If he lowered the ‘defense budget’ and gave the money to schools?

At the very least it would lower the veil that has surrounded our country for generations. Acknowledging truth (and wrongdoing) is the only way to move forward. It’s cathartic, too – ask a Catholic. Denial is not the first step to recovery.

At best it would get us off this path of degradation we’ve somehow allowed ourselves to believe is the only possible reality. I can’t say where it would take us – and the path would likely dip before it rose – but it’s clear we’re headed in an untenable direction.

Wouldn’t you rather delve into the unknown than dwell in the illusive security of a gradual decline?



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