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Gay Marriage Isn’t Enough Part 2

March 28, 2013

Most of the people in my community who took the time to comment on part one of this topic didn’t agree with my conclusions. Perhaps I was too confrontational, or oversimplified the issues. Or maybe I was just wrong – it’s happened before. In any case it’s made me think a lot about marriage over the last day.

Then, a little while ago, I had an epiphany. It’s not so much marriage than needs to be redefined as it is family.

This, surely, we can agree upon. The definition of family is changing in our culture. As hetero divorce rates soar and gay couples raise children; as grandparents are funneled into retirement homes; as women join the work force and men have the opportunity to stay at home with the kids; the landscape is shifting away from the traditional family. But where’s it shifting to? What’s an acceptable family?

This is the next struggle. This is the next place we should be demanding choice and civil rights: our choice to build a family in any way we choose.

I can see it now: ‘being gay’ is going to become so mainstream it’s not going to be a thing anymore. Sooner or later people will realize that it’s okay to be attracted to both sexes. They’re going to want a boyfriend and a girlfriend. A husband and a wife. And of course they’re going to want both of their spouses to have health insurance and all the benefits being married conveys in this day and age.

Hello polygamy!

We’re back to marriage, aren’t we? Like I said, gay marriage isn’t enough. We’re redefining what relationships are as a culture and I don’t think we’re done evolving. We need the freedom to explore. We need a freedom from both laws and prejudice.

The first will be the external struggle, the second an internal one.


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