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Gay Marriage Isn’t Enough

March 27, 2013

If you’re gay, I understand why you’re fighting for your right to marry. This question is for straight people: why do you support gay marriage? Maybe you have a friend or family member who’s brought the issue to life? Maybe you’ve thought it through and reached a logical conclusion? Maybe you’re doing it because it’s popular? Or maybe you have a problem with the institution of marriage itself, and this is the most prominent opportunity to demand change.

This is where I stand: marriage is outdated. It’s a leftover remnant from a time when religion was government. Its original intent doesn’t apply to modern society. What began as a sacrament has turned into a tax haven and a means of defying immigration laws. What was once a symbol of commitment has been ridiculed by the divorce rate.

Don’t get me wrong: tax havens and divorce aren’t necessarily bad things. It’s the pretense I abhor. When a system gets blatantly and repeatedly circumvented, when movies are made glorifying these circumventions (think Green Card), when it’s obvious the system’s defenders are only doing so out of tradition, why can’t we tear the system down and build a new one in its place? Isn’t this better than accepting hypocrisy out of sheer momentum?

True, the Gay Marriage movement is attempting some of this. Kudos to them. But where’s the value in sharing a broken institution? Would we be doing anything more than spreading circumvention? Mightn’t this make matters worse? (Maybe not; I think gay people seeking marriage might be much better at commitment than straight ones.) Gay Marriage is a beginning, not a destination. The true journey is redefining what marriage means.

Would you support polygamy? Now that we’ve determined marriage isn’t about the ability to reproduce, can we do away with the binary restriction as well?

And while we’re at it, it seems strange that incarcerated criminals can get married while law abiding citizens can’t.

For me it’s not about Gay Marriage. Fighting for Gay Marriage without looking deeper at marriage as an institution is like spreading the KONY 2012 message without researching the video’s validity. It’s like voting the way your friends do. It’s advocating for a popular cause without truly understanding it.


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