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Swinging the other direction…

November 14, 2010

Today I shifted my radar from west of the city to east-south-east. Thirty minutes from town is a wide berth, but I’d kind of ruled east out because of perceived drug issues in and around Sandy & Gresham etc. But what about Oregon City or Beavercreek?

How about 5 acres and a pond overlooking Beaver Lake? My new potential favorite has 2 barns as well as a house the listing doesn’t show pictures of. Ominous. After seeing two tear-down projects on Friday I’d better get more information before falling in love. However, the price was higher, which could mean something.

Two barns? I’m still scared of horses, what do I need a barn for? Should I get sheep like H? One could be a studio for A, the other renovated into an alternate dwelling. This plot is a lot like D&L’s down in Cali; wide open on a gentle hillside. Not a lot of tree cover or contour.

I’m thinking at this time that it’s going to be necessary  to buy a place with somewhat of a real house on it. A concession to my pioneering spirit but a load off my pocketbook. I’ll have to reread Walden – did Thoreau need building permits?



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