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What it all comes down to

November 10, 2010

It all comes down to who you trust.

There’s an old saying: advice is free, but good advice is priceless.

So true. Three accountants told me three different stories about last year’s taxes. Same thing for the plumbers who came when the drain was clogged. If you’ve ever read parenting books you know what I mean. You can find evidence to back up any side of any argument somewhere.

Religious folk know about trust. They put theirs in God. Scientists put their trust in the scientific method, and are content with uncertainty when they have to be.

But what of the agnostic? What about those of us who don’t accept God on faith and haven’t the resources to educate ourselves to the level of quantum physicists? Who can we believe? Aren’t we taking someone else’s word in just the same way the faithful are so often accused of?

If I can’t do the math, how can I believe in 11 dimensional string theory? If I can’t understand tax law by myself, which accountant should I hire? The cheapest?  The one who says what I want to hear? The most highly recommended?

It all comes back to trust. In every big life decision (and most of the smaller ones) we have to put our trust in someone. Get educated. Choose wisely. Then trust, but even so: a little skepticism can be a healthy thing. 😉


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